Climb the Casino VIP Ladder

Published June 1, 2013

Climb the Casino VIP Ladder

Online gaming casinos want your business and are willing to treat you better for it.

As most people know VIP stands for "Very Important Person."  Even though most of us would like to be so designated, it is generally not the case.  So then the question becomes, "How does one attain VIP status?"  

VIP status is often conferred upon those who are spending more money at whatever it is they are doing.  Not only does this apply to real life, but to the virtual online gaming world as well.

When searching around for an online gaming casino, you might note that more often than not the online casino you choose will have a "VIP" opportunity.  Regular casino real money players will quickly wager enough to gain membership to the online casino VIP Members Club, giving them access to a wider range of benefits and special treatment.   

What To Expect

The next question becomes, "What can I expect as an Online Casino VIP?"  The VIP Program is tiered and so the higher up the levels you go, the more you receive.  An example of some of the things you may be eligible for at one level might include casino VIP invite only promotions.  Another level might add in the option of Deposit Match Bonuses.  Still even higher up the VIP scale may include hospitality opportunities around top sporting events and direct contact with an online Casino VIP Manager. 

In other words, the more you spend at said casino the more they will offer.  The virtual world of online casino gaming parallels the real world of Casino Gaming:  All possibly courtesies and ease of access are extended to the high roller.  Why?  Simply because it's good business.

Most VIP accounts are monitored on a weekly basis to ensure you get the best possible service.  For example when it's time to visit the Cashier's cage, because of your VIP status you'll find a special 'no waiting' line just for you. 

Other VIP Club member's benefits cover a vast range of services that include:

  • Personal Account Managers providing red-carpet attention
  • Select promotions, bonuses and special prizes
  • Higher betting privileges
  • Faster withdrawals
  • Special events exclusively for VIPs
  • Higher comp points conversion rate

This is what loyal gamblers can expect at their local online casino because online casinos have recognized the importance of giving recognition to their best customers.  And the great thing about all of this - you don't have to leave home to be treated like visiting royalty.

And the bottom line?  Chances are once you become a VIP, it will be hard to be anything less.

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