Cricket Stars is India’s First NFT-Based Cricket Strategy Game

Published April 22, 2023

Cricket Stars is India’s First NFT-Based Cricket Strategy Game

GoLive Games and Tezos India shook hands to create the first NFT-based cricket strategy game developed in India and aimed at the local market.

Cricket is the most popular sport in India, where locals enjoy highly competitive games between domestic and international teams. Those who love the sport, but also have a keen eye for videogame competitions can consider themselves lucky. India's first NFT-based cricket strategy game has arrived and it promises to provide quality entertainment to cricket enthusiasts.

Enjoy the Cricket Strategy Game Over a Web3 Network

Players will enter a wondrous realm and enjoy their favorite game with equally enthusiastic peers, without involving third parties. The absence of intermediaries was made possible by the use of the decentralized Web3 network, where the NFT-based cricket strategy game is played. The most exciting part is that this game uses a proprietary strategy and it was developed and produced in India.

Prospective punters should note that the multiplayer NFT-based game has a well-diversified structure. You will compete in esports matches, as well as fully fledged tournaments and the game integrity is guaranteed by the open-source blockchain. The game runs on Tezos, a reliable decentralized protocol that is also cherished for being energy-effective, so waste is minimized.

The NFT-based cricket strategy game is expected to bring Indian players together, uniting them in their passion for the beautiful game. Beginners and veterans will have the same chances and you don’t have to worry about the link between cost and success. That’s because the game doesn’t use a pay-to-play or pay-to-earn model, so you can start for free and never feel peer pressure.

Harness the Power of Nonfungible Tokens

NFTs sent shockwaves among crypto enthusiasts and even though their popularity dwindled in recent months, they still have plenty of fans. The NFT-based cricket game introduced by Om Malviya, President of Tezos India will tap into the immense potential of this technology. It will also push the gaming industry forward, by creating a stronger link between gaming, esports, and the blockchain.

GoLive Games has high expectations for Cricket Stars, the first game developed in partnership with Tezos India. Participants will collect and trade exclusive cricket-themed NFTs, so those who are successful in this virtual game of cricket will be well rewarded. The Cricket Stars NFT marketplace checks all the important boxes, so it is likely to create a vibrant community of fans. Interactions between them will be encouraged, with trades made via Tezos wallets instead of cryptocurrencies.

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