Indio Casino - Online Casino Transactions in Rupees

Published March 1, 2012

Indio Casino - Online Casino Transactions in Rupees

An online casino for Indians.

In this video interview with a representative of Indio Casino, we learn a few things about the casino, and how it serves you better.

Indio Casino was designed with the Indian player in mind. As a matter of fact, it makes little sense for anyone outside of India to play at this fully themed Indian casino.

It was designed so since the Indian gambling market – specifically the casino gambling market – is so lucrative. The only question standing was what do the Indian players want from their casino?

And the answer was transactions. Namely transactions in Rupees (INR).

In addition to the theme, local marketing initiatives, and promotions for Indians, Indio offers the option for all transacting to be done in Rupees – deposit the funds in the currency you live in and play. Simple as that!

Other casinos might sport an image of the Taj Mahal or an Indian dancer, but no other casino accepts deposits and all transactions in Rupees. Only Indio does. So give it a try!

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