Online Casinos: Old-School Fun

Published February 1, 2013

Online Casinos: Old-School Fun

Noble Casino’s impressive range of arcade games.

New and more technically advanced games are constantly being introduced at online casinos. The battle to create ever more realistic games is most definitely on. However, if you are a player who enjoys some old school gaming action, then look no further than Noble Casino’s impressive range of arcade games.

That is not to say that the arcade games you will find don’t employ impressive animation or advanced technology – quite the opposite in fact. However, Noble Casino boasts an impressive stable of straightforward productions which will remind you of the outstanding old-school arcade games of years gone by. For example, Keno is a simple game to get to grips with. It’s a Chinese lottery where you must simply choose numbers between 1 and 80 and hope that they come up. If so, then you win a prize. It’s that simple! Equally straightforward is Pop Bingo, where the colorful layout is complemented by a fun format – Choose how much you wish to bet, click play and hope that your numbers are chosen. It’s good, simple fun.

If you are looking for an uncomplicated card game, then try your hand at Genie’s Hi-Lo. You just need to predict whether the next card dealt will be higher or lower than the previous card. Guess correctly and you will win. It’s also worth noting that you will earn more by guessing the card color too.

Finally, perhaps the pick of the bunch at Noble Casino is Derby Day. This is a virtual horse-racing classic. Check out the runners and riders and pick yourself a winner. Once you have placed your bet, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the race unfold before your eyes while taking in the sights and sounds of the race course. Hopefully, you will have picked a lucrative winning horse.

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