The Hidden and Not-so-hidden Delights of India

Published February 14, 2017

The Hidden and Not-so-hidden Delights of India

Find out why India should be at the top of your "to travel" list, a beautiful land with interesting people and many secrets to unveil.

A land where history is written in the souls and food of the people and culture speaks in majestic languages. A land where nature defies the odds of camera lenses and hospitality defies the laws of nature. India is a wonderland where those who have not experienced it won’t understand the secrets it stores.

We have always had a point of view of how India is, through the eyes of Bollywood. Flawless people, beautiful colors, strong beliefs and amazing food. However, for one traveling there all these information could be overwhelming so the question arises, what do we do? Or where do we start?

Since, we can guarantee that India is definitely a place worth visiting, here are a few tips on places one can visit and things one could do to make the best of Mother India.

  • Explore The Expressive Ghats in Banaras.

Ghats are basically riverbanks along the holy river Ganges in Varanasi. These ghat’s play an important role in religious worship and fulfilling promises to the Hindu gods. A holy place where to colors of fall adorns the scenery. As there are 100’s of Ghat’s it’s often times impossible to know which is the best spot to view from or to understand holy ritual.

For example, the Assi Ghat is where the Ganges River meets the Assi River. A Place famous for Lord Shiva Worshippers where they take a bath before going on a pilgrimage for Lord Shiva or fulfilling their last rites for their prayers. You can find a beautiful Lingam under a Pilal tree there.

However, if you’re looking for something more lively, for example, the famous Ganga Aarthi then you have to head to the Dasaswamedh Ghat, where the prayers and the festivities are ongoing. You can find priests, pilgrims, worshippers, beggars, flower sellers and people from all walks of life there. One can never get bored there, if you’re looking to walk somewhere and find bargain prices then just head down to a chaotic loud market right next to the Ghat and have a cup of Chai.

In the end of the day if you’re looking to experience everything as a whole, then taking a calm ride along the river, watching all the Ghats and the lapse in history would be the best idea.

  • Spend Time In Enchanting Kerala

Kerala is a place that gets our ears ringing, it brings back the memories of the beautiful nature and the amazing flavors.From the Kathakali to the river boating everything sounds familiar. The smell of sea seems to bring the calmness and sensuality that Kerala possesses.

If you’re headed to Kerala there are a few things that you must not miss, one of the crucial ones would be to experience the local cuisine. Some might be intimidated due to the bold use of spices, however, unlike Chennai - cuisines in Kerala are rather mild unless you request for a spicier dish. Even it’s hard to handle you’ve always got their freshest Yogurt accompanying your food. Plated across a banana leave, you’ll taste the best of curries, the intoxicating array of vegetables and the undeniable deliciousness of their Fish Head cuisines. As Kerala is also famous for its fishing industry, you can definitely find a fish that suits your taste.

However, to tie these amazing food together, you should definitely have tea in Munnar, where most tea leaves have become part of an everyday breakfast all around the world. Finally enjoy the rest of your trip in an authentic homestay and go on a houseboat ride in the backwaters of Thiruvandram.

With all honesty, a trip to Kerala would keep you calm and relaxed till your next trip around the world due to its simplistic culture.

  • Party Like There’s No Tomorrow In Goa

Goa can be described as the alienated part of India. Completely diverse they’ve upheld a different version India then the typical cultural perspective. Goa once a Portuguese Colony, have adapted their lifestyle and beliefs towards their forefathers. The colonization has been a huge influence that learning Portuguese is a norm there and a majority of them speak fluent English along with Tamil or Hindi. Hence language wouldn’t be a barrier for anyone who’s visiting.

Known as the party wonderland it’s perfect for those looking for an adventure. Lining the Indian ocean its water adventures knows no bounds. You can spend your time Sailing, scuba diving or snorkeling or you could take up the extreme front of Canyoning. Canyoning is where you jump off a waterfall and let the waves carry you on till the bottom. If this sounds like an experience for you then Goa is definitely the perfect destination.

However, if you’re looking for a more relaxed and mature form entertainment then fear not, Goa is famous for its amazing casinos and resorts that cater to everyone’s needs. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an amazing location to wine and dine or have a romantic evening, you can definitely play Russian roulette in one of those casinos . For example, Deltin Royale or Casino Pride is always perfect for these reasons.

  • Visit One Of The 7 Wonders - Taj Mahal.

Romance is part of our everyday lives. It’s the reason why we celebrate Valentine's day, it’s the reason why weddings are a symbol of unification and prosperity. A unification between two people despite race, religion, and culture can’t be expressed any better than the amazing architecture of Taj Mahal.

Known as one of the 7 Wonders of the world Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan as a symbol of love for his deceased wife. Built in with an intriguing design he passed away as soon as this amazing architecture came into completion. Her tomb still in there along with his, it’s believed they’re the guardians of that amazing monument which symbolizes love.

Many prefer having their weddings in Agra as a symbol of good luck and long lasting happiness. After all who wouldn’t want the blessings of the Love Martyrs.

In Conclusion

India is a land where diversity is celebrated and their differences are brought together by culture, ancient traditions, and beliefs. Food and nature are something that India never fails to celebrate too. Hence if you’re visiting India, you’ll definitely find everything that entertains you and captivates you during your travels.

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