Try video poker and combine poker and slots fun

Published November 9, 2012

Try video poker and combine poker and slots fun

If you don’t want to get drawn into a long game of poker, but still enjoy the thrill of the action, then video poker could well be exactly the game that you are looking for.

Just like regular poker, the aim of video poker is to create a winning poker hand, containing a pair of cards or better, which is usually enough to get you on the pay-table.  The slots element of video poker allows you to replace cards in your hand by spinning the reels, in order to build a winning hand.  

Casino King offers an impressive selection of video poker options.  You can play several titles, from ‘Tens or Better’, in which you need to land a pair of tens or more, to perhaps the ultimate in video poker, ’25 Lines Aces and Faces,’ in which you have a whopping 25 lines to juggle in order to build a winning hand.  It is also worth keeping an eye out for ’10 Lines Jacks or Better’, which offers a tempting progressive jackpot prize. 

Casino Las Vegas is also highly recommended if you’re looking to play video poker.  In addition to ‘Jacks or Better’, the ‘Mega Jacks’ game is also a winning production.  It’s a straightforward single-hand poker game, where you choose which cards to hold and those you wish to replace.  Moreover, it is also a brilliantly designed game, utilizing colourful and attractive animation which really adds to the game playing experience.  Throw a progressive jackpot into the equation and ‘Mega Jacks’ is a superb game to play.

Video poker is a triumph of the online casino, combining two popular land-based casino games.  If you fancy giving it a try, then check out the two options listed above and you will not be disappointed. 

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