High Limit Video Poker

Win the jackpot on a high limit video poker machine for the payout of a lifetime.

Unlike most casino games, video poker can be considered as much of a skill game as it is a game of chance and this can have a huge appeal for experienced high rollers. Players can use their skill and knowledge of the game to improve the results in the long run and it is also great for the countless poker fans out there. Unlike the popular card game, video poker is played on a machine and the goal is to get a paying combination of five cards, not beat other players or the dealer.

Players enjoy high limit video poker for various reasons. It provides great potential to win big given the payouts for the rare combinations, it requires skill which can translate from poker and it is a game which can be played alone, with no other players surrounding you. In addition, the high limits can also mean VIP treatment and exclusive rewards from the casino.

As a general rule of thumb, video poker machines have better payouts for playing the maximum bet so for high rollers this is even more appealing. A good way to better evaluate your results is to determine the hourly results. This is done by multiplying the average bet size by the number of bets placed per hour. The resulting figure is multiplied by the house edge and you can then see how you stand compared to expected results.

There are quite a few recommended moves for playing high limit video poker and while players can sometimes disregard them based on intuition, it is recommended to be familiar with them and follow these rules as often as possible. A few examples would be to not break a pair for the chance to get a higher paying combination, unless it is for a Royal Flush, and don’t hold more than two cards if they don’t have the potential for a Royal Flush.

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