Low Limit Baccarat

Enjoy the thrill of game preferred by high rollers; now at low limits.

Considering the fact that baccarat is known for being the game of choice for high rollers, a low limit version may be a bit counterintuitive but the game is enjoyed by players of all bankrolls. Casual players represent a big portion of the visitors in a casino and low limit baccarat is starting to gain some ground with the major land-based establishments. However, the internet remains the best place to find baccarat games with very low minimum bets.

The same thrill portrayed in the popular James Bond movies or seen behind the red velvet rope in glamorous casinos is available for bets worth just a few bucks. The rules of the games are the same and this also means that the house edge stays unchanged regardless of the size of the bet. As a player, you simply need to choose between the banker, the player and a tie bet. If the cards are dealt and you are correct, you win. It is important to remember that bets on the banker are subjected to a 5% commission on winnings.

While low limit baccarat tables are in high demand, there aren’t that many of them in land-based casinos because they take up important space on the floor. Casinos normally prefer to use that space for games which can provide a higher return, like roulette or craps. Since online casinos don’t have to worry about floor space, they can offer a much bigger variety of betting limits and game versions.

Given the smaller bets, the payouts for low limit baccarat will also be smaller. However, this doesn’t make them any more exciting since it comes down to the bankroll available. While some can afford to spend $1,000 on a hand, others are only willing to bet $5. The game is almost like betting on a coin toss so it is easy to learn and can be very fun.

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