Low Limit Craps

Throw the dice and be in the center of attention for just a few dollars.

Low limit craps has been gaining a lot of ground in casinos recently and more players discover the thrill of the game every day. Given the fact that the minimum bets are quite small, new players are encouraged to try the game out without risking a big part of their bankroll. The range in land-based casinos can start from as little as $3 and the minimum bets can be even smaller at some of the leading online casinos.

Casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City have at least a few tables for low limit craps because they help attract players and the game generally creates a small group of enthusiastic people as they bet on every roll of the dice. Unlike other casino games where the dealer hands out the cards or spins the wheel, in craps the dice are thrown by one player per round, called the shooter. As a result, he will often get the people excited about a throw, even if it is just for bets worth a few dollars.

It can sometimes be difficult to go to a casino in order to only bet a small amount and the rise of online casinos has really solved this problem, giving players the chance to enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes. The leading sites can also provide a much wider variety of games, variants and of course, betting limits. The lower bets in the gambling industry will always be available over the internet.

Since the bets are so small, the risk is also reduced significantly but the thrill of winning remains the same. It is very important to have a decent bankroll when playing a casino game in order to play out the losing parts. At low limit craps however, a healthy bankroll can mean as little as $100 in a land-based casinos or $50 on the internet.

All the betting options remain the same but low limit craps can sometimes have reduced payouts. For example, the standard payout for snake eyes is 3:1 but some low limit versions can only offer 2:1. All of this information is normally found on the table so it is always recommended to check out the pay table before taking a seat.

It is safe to say that the benefits of low limit craps make it hard to resist.

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