Teen Patti 20-20 – The Definitive Guide

Teen Patti 20-20 – The Definitive Guide

Teen Patti 20-20 is a popular table game that rewards skill and intuition, similar to poker but using a different hand structure and original game mechanics.

Teen Patti 20-20 is a table game that’s immensely popular in South Asia, including India. In recent years, it made its way to online casinos and today, it is enjoyed by tens of thousands of people from all over the world. The name means three cards and bears many similarities to poker. It has been around for more than 100 years and it is celebrated for its social component. Not surprisingly, the game is played often during Diwali, one of the most important Hindu celebrations.

How to Play the Teen Patti 20-20

The game is surprisingly easy to learn and master and the online version relies exclusively on luck. Punters bet on one of the two players at nearly even odds or take more chances and bet on the tie. This can produce a significantly larger payout of 800 times the stakes but the odds of hitting are much lower. In live games, Teen Patti 20-20 has an entry fee, with the ante being used to discourage tight gambling. The blind bet serves the same purpose and it is posted before the cards are dealt to kickstart the round.

Just like in poker, the game has a small and a big blind, with the other participants being expected to call or raise. Those who decline either option will not proceed further with the game and will forfeit their cards. The call and raise mechanics are commonly referred to as Chaal and allow players to increase the amounts they are playing for. In most Teen Patti 20-20 games there is a limit which restricts raising to a sum equal to two times the original bet.

The difference between this game and poker is that after a player raises, the one who made the original bet must pay an amount equal to the raise. Teen Patti 20-20 comes in different flavors, with players getting to choose between fixed limit, spread limit, pot limit, and no limit games. Players can see and fold the cards when it is their turn and can also ask for a sideshow. This enables punters to see what others are holding, but the sideshow request can be accepted or declined by the others.

Teen Patti 20-20 Game Strategy

The first and most important thing to consider when playing this game is to understand the rules well. Once you learn about the hand ranking and the game mechanics, try the game for free at online casinos offering this option. Regardless of experience, it is recommended to start with small bets because Teen Patti 20-20 should be regarded as a marathon rather than a sprint. It also helps you when playing blind, as you can take advantage of raising stakes and speculate the mistakes made by others.

If you are dealt a bad hand, don’t play passively and choose between bluffing or folding. Calling is not a good idea in Teen Patti 20-20 just as it is a mistake in poker. Slow playing is a good idea as it won’t determine players with weak hands to fold immediately. If you choose this course of action, pay attention to fellow players and pick up on any tells. Bankroll management is essential, so if you are to be successful you need to manage your resources correctly.

Teen Patti 20-20 FAQ

When can ask for a sideshow in Teen Patti?

You can ask the player who placed the last bet for a sideshow, but only if he is not playing blind.

What are the best hands when playing Teen Patti?

The best hand is three over kind, followed by straight flush, straight, flush, pair and high card.

Is Teen Patti always played with a dealer?

This only happens in online casino games, yet in home games, each player assumes the role of dealer.

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