PWA Casinos

PWA casinos look like apps and have features like apps, but are delivered entirely through web browsers across an array of popular operating systems and devices.

Top PWA Casinos

For the uninitiated, PWA is the technical acronym for progressive web app. In recent times, the technology has begun being used by online casino operators looking for a streamlined solution to content delivery. By this point, you are likely to wonder what are PWA casinos? Well, all of the key information is right here.

Why Do We Need PWA Casinos?

Ever since the mid-1990s, online casinos have been compatible on desktop computers. After initially launching with the aid of downloadable casino clients, operators have provided browser-based access for years now.

Around 2010, mobile casino gaming was way behind desktop and uptake was slow, as is often the case with the introduction of new technology. Back then, mobile apps were all the rage and online casinos invested in making apps for every operating they wished to serve.

All too often the focus was on iOS and the emerging Android, with users of Windows and BlackBerry overlooked for access. This gave casino operators a headache because they essentially had to develop and update multiple iterations of their site.

An app only works on one operating system or platform, whereas a PWA can use common technologies to create a single website or web-based app that can effectively perform whether access from a MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro, Windows laptop, or Android smartphone or tablet.

Where Do I Find PWA Casinos?

If you are wondering where to find PWA casino sites, then look no further. Online Casino Reports has reviewed a whole host of brands that are developed as PWAs and can function responsively whether accessed from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Finding PWA casinos is also becoming quite a natural activity. In fact, you can often stumble upon them at random, simply because forward-thinking operators have already upgraded their online casinos to function as a PWA.

How Can I Play at PWA Casinos?

Knowing how to play at PWA casinos online is simple. You just need to have a device powered by a mainstream operating system (OS), such as Windows, Android, iOS, or MacOS. So long as the OS is up-to-date, you can use a PWA-compliant browser, such as Chrome or Safari, to visit the site where you want to play.

After arriving at the site, you can take the opportunity to create and account and install a link to your homepage if desired. With a created account, you will be able to play simply by visiting the site from a browser on any of your modern devices.

What Are the Benefits of PWA Casinos?

Apple’s App Store and Google Play are becoming ever trickier for developers of mobile casino apps to deal with. Standards are frequently subject to change and this can impact updates. However, PWA frees up operators to distribute content directly from their own site, thus ensuring simpler access for you.

With PWA casinos, you can also have the benefit of installing them to your homepage. This can enable offline browsing until you are ready to play a game. A further benefit is to use push notifications to track offers and progress. Finally, it will be an advantage to have seamless access across all compatible devices.

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