Here are some basic questions and answers to kick start your education in the world of Indian online gambling.

Q. Is online gambling legal in India?

A. Indian law says next to nothing about online gambling specifically, because the government believes that existing laws prohibiting offline gambling sufficiently cover the issue. For more information about Indian legislation, have a read of our facts on Indian Gambling.

Q. What is the legal age for online gambling in India?

A. The age limit is not just set by your country of residence, but also by the online casino itself. The generally accepted legal age is 18.

Q. What are the benefits of online gambling?

A. The greatest benefits of online gambling are comfort and control. By gaming over an Internet connection, you can walk into your casino whenever you want, and from wherever you want. If all you want is a quick break from work during the day, or a few minutes in the evening, online gambling is the perfect answer.

Q. Is online gambling safe?

A. In order for the casinos to ensure that their customers return, they must provide fair games without any cheating involved, and when their customers win money, they must pay it out promptly. Otherwise, word will get around very quickly that a particular casino is unsafe, and gamblers will steer clear of it. This fear of being branded as a 'cheating casino' is usually enough to keep most casinos honest.

Even so, it’s always good to read up a little bit about the casino you intend to play at. Luckily, we at Online Casino Reports have thoroughly checked out a large list of casinos and found them to be trustworthy and honest, not to mention being a whole lot of fun!

Q. Does online gaming bring good or bad karma?

The world is a constantly moving web of perfect balance. If you push in one direction, something will pull you in the other. If you struggle aggressively, aggressive struggle will be reciprocated. The trick is to achieve inner peace, allowing you to communicate with the outside world without becoming corrupted.

Similarly, if you only allow yourself to perform kind and responsible acts, you will bring good Karma, whose sweet fruits will bring you happiness for many years. The same can be said regarding responsible gaming. If you enjoy gambling, and play sensibly and intelligently, only good Karma will await you.

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